Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992

Emission limit values and quality standards.


103.(1) The Agency may, at any time, and shall when requested by the Minister to do so, make recommendations to the Minister in relation to—

(a) the specifying of air quality standards under section 50 of the Air Pollution Act, 1987,

(b) the specifying of emission limit values under section 51 of the Air Pollution Act, 1987,

(c) the prescribing of quality standards for waters, trade effluents and sewage effluents and standards in relation to methods of treatment of such effluents, under section 26 of the Local Government (Water Pollution) Act, 1977.

(2) Before making regulations for any of the purposes referred to in subsection (1) the Minister shall have regard to any recommendations made by the Agency pursuant to that subsection.

(3) Recommendations under subsection (1), other than recommendations made at the request of the Minister, shall be published by the Agency.