Housing Act 1966

Interpretation (Chapter III of Part VI) and saver.


93.(1) In this Chapter—

(a) the Act of 1950” means the Housing (Amendment) Act, 1950 (repealed by this Act);

(b) annuity” (except in section 101) has the same meaning as in the Act of 1936 and includes part of such annuity;

(c) cottage” means a cottage provided under the Labourers Acts, 1833 to 1962, and, save where the context otherwise requires, includes the plot (if any) provided with such cottage;

(d) purchase scheme” has the same meaning as it has for the purposes of the Act of 1936;

(e) qualified person” means a qualified person for the purposes of section 16 of the Act of 1936.

(2) Notwithstanding the repeal by this Act of section 26 of the Housing (Amendment) Act, 1958, the Act of 1936 together with section 1 and Part III of the Housing and Labourers Act, 1937, shall continue in force until such time as they are repealed or terminated.