Industrial Relations Act 1946

Reports, etc., by Court.


23.(1) The Court shall, as soon as may be after the expiration of each year, make to F20[the Minister] a general report (in this section referred to as an annual report) of its proceedings under this Act during that year.

(2) F21[]

(3) An annual report shall contain particulars, of each registered joint industrial council together with the name of the secretary of the council and the address of its principal office.

(4) A copy of each annual report shall be laid before each House of the Oireachtas.

(5) The Court shall furnish to the Minister a copy of each order, recommendation and award made by the Court under this Act as soon as may be after it is made.




Substituted (3.06.1969) by Industrial Relations Act 1969 (14/1969), s. 15, commenced on enactment.


Repealed (18.07.1990) by Industrial Relations Act 1990 (19/1990), s. 7 and sch. 2, commenced on enactment.