Legal Services Regulation Act 2015


Application for recommendation

174. (1) A legal practitioner who wishes to be granted a Patent under section 171 may apply to the Committee for—

(a) its consideration, in accordance with this section, of whether he or she meets the criteria established under section 173, and

(b) subject to paragraph (a), its recommendation to the Government that he or she be granted a Patent.

(2) An application under subsection (1) shall be accompanied by such information and such fee as may be prescribed.

(3) Where the Committee receives an application under subsection (1), it shall consider whether the applicant meets the criteria established under section 173 and, for that purpose, may consult in confidence with such persons as it considers appropriate.

(4) Following its consideration under subsection (3), the Committee shall—

(a) where it decides that an applicant meets the criteria established under section 173, recommend to the Government that the applicant be granted a Patent, and

(b) where it decides that the applicant does not meet those criteria, notify the applicant in writing of its decision and of the reasons for it.

(5) The Minister may prescribe—

(a) the form of application under this section,

(b) the information and fee (if any) that is to accompany an application for the grant of a Patent, and

(c) any other matters that the Minister considers necessary for purposes of this section.