Legal Services Regulation Act 2015


Criteria for grant of Patent

173. (1) The Committee shall establish the criteria, based on the objectives specified in subsection (2), to be met by a legal practitioner in order for a recommendation to be made by it to the Government that a Patent be granted to him or her.

(2) The objectives referred to in subsection (1) are those of ensuring, in relation to a legal practitioner seeking to have a Patent granted to him or her, that he or she:

(a) has, in his or her practice as a legal practitioner, displayed—

(i) a degree of competence and a degree of probity appropriate to and consistent with the grant to him or her of a Patent,

(ii) professional independence, and

(iii) one or more of the following:

(I) a proven capacity for excellence in the practice of advocacy;

(II) a proven capacity for excellence in the practice of specialist litigation; or

(III) specialist knowledge of an area of law;

(b) is suitable on grounds of character and temperament;

(c) is in possession of a tax clearance certificate that is in force;

(d) is otherwise suitable to be granted a Patent.