Legal Services Regulation Act 2015


Variation of entry on roll

135. (1) The Authority shall remove the name of a person from the roll—

(a) where the High Court makes an order under section 85(7)(e) that the person’s name be struck off the roll,

(b) where section 96(3) applies in respect of that person,

(c) on application to it under subsection (3) by the person concerned,

(d) on the death of that person, where the Authority has received a certified copy, referred to in subsection (4), of the entry in the register of deaths concerning that person.

(2) Where the High Court makes an order under section 85(7)(d) that a practising barrister be suspended from practice as a legal practitioner, the Authority shall, for the period specified in the order, maintain a record on the roll of—

(a) the fact of such suspension, and

(b) any terms and conditions specified in the order to which the suspension is subject.

(3) A person whose name has been entered on the roll, who no longer wishes to provide legal services as a practising barrister, may apply to the Authority to have his or her name removed from the roll.

(4) Where a registrar of deaths within the meaning of the Civil Registration Act 2004 registers in the register of deaths (within the meaning of Part 5 of that Act) the death of a person whose name is on the roll, the registrar shall as soon as practicable send by post to the Authority a certified copy of the entry in the register of deaths, and may charge the cost of the certificate and of the sending thereof to the Authority as an expense of his or her office of registrar of deaths.

(5) Where the Authority removes the name of a person from the roll under this section, it shall also remove from the roll any information in respect of him or her specified in section 133(4) that is contained in the entry concerned.