Legal Services Regulation Act 2015


Roll of practising barristers

133. (1) The Authority shall—

(a) set up and maintain a roll of practising barristers (in this Part referred to as the “roll”), and

(b) within six months of the commencement date, enter on the roll the name of, and additional information in respect of, every person who is, on the commencement date, a practising barrister.

(2) The Authority shall make a copy of the roll available at its principal office during normal working hours to members of the public for inspection free of charge.

(3) If the roll is kept in an electronic or other non-written form, the Authority may comply with its obligation under subsection (2) by making it publicly available on its website.

(4) An entry on the roll shall, in respect of each practising barrister—

(a) contain such information as is required by this Part,

(b) contain such additional information as may be prescribed under subsection (5),

(c) specify whether he or she is a member of the Law Library, and

(d) specify whether he or she is in the full time service of the State.

(5) The Authority may, having regard to the objectives specified in section 13(4), prescribe additional information in relation to the professional qualifications and areas of expertise of the practising barrister concerned that is to be contained in an entry on the roll.

(6) In this Part—

“additional information”, in relation to a practising barrister, means the additional information relating to him or her that is prescribed under subsection (5);

“commencement date” means the date on which this section comes into operation.