Workplace Relations Act 2015


Inspection of employer’s records pursuant to direction of Labour Court

30. (1) Subject to subsection (3) of section 27 , the Labour Court may, upon the hearing of an appeal under section 44 , direct the Director General to arrange for an inspector to enter any place or premises belonging to an employer who is a party to the appeal and perform such functions under section 27 at, or in relation to, that place or premises as are specified in the direction concerned.

(2) The Director General shall comply with a direction under subsection (1).

(3) An inspector shall, upon completion of an inspection referred to in subsection (1), provide the report prepared by him or her under section 29 in relation to the performance by him or her of functions under section 27 pursuant to a direction under this section to the Labour Court.

(4) The Labour Court shall—

(a) consider a report provided to it under subsection (3), and

(b) give a copy of that report to the parties to the appeal concerned.

(5) The chairman or a deputy chairman of the Labour Court may direct that any proceedings in an appeal to the Labour Court shall be adjourned pending the consideration by the Labour Court of the report.