Sport Ireland Act 2015


Criteria, terms and conditions of assistance

11. (1) Sport Ireland—

(a) shall establish such criteria, terms and conditions for the provision of assistance (including financial assistance) under section 8(4)(a) as, having regard to its functions, it considers appropriate, and

(b) may establish different criteria, terms and conditions in relation to different classes of applicants and recipients.

(2) Where, in Sport Ireland’s opinion, any person or body that has applied for or received assistance under section 8(4)(a) fails to meet any of the applicable criteria, terms or conditions esta blished under subsection (1), Sport Ireland may do one or more of the following:

(a) withhold assistance from, or refuse to provide assistance to, that person or body;

(b) demand a refund of any financial assistance provided under that paragraph to that person or body.

(3) Sport Ireland may—

(a) request any person or body applying for or receiving assistance under section 8(4)(a) to supply Sport Ireland with information in such form and at such time as it may require, and

(b) withhold or refuse such assistance if satisfied that any information so requested is not forthcoming.

(4) Criteria or terms and conditions established by Sport Ireland under this section may be published on the internet website of Sport Ireland as soon as practicable after their being established.