Vehicle Clamping Act 2015


Complaints procedure

18. (1) The NTA may set up a procedure to consider complaints from members of the public (“complaints procedure”) in respect of—

(a) the discharge of responsibilities by parking controllers,

(b) the conduct, behaviour and identification of clamping operators,

(c) unnecessary delay on the part of parking controllers or clamping operators in responding to complaints or other communication from members of the public, and

(d) the identification of vehicles used by clamping operators (including logos, stickers and advertisements on such vehicles).

(2) The complaints procedure may be amended by the NTA.

(3) The complaints procedure shall, as far as practicable, be user-friendly and accessible.

(4) The NTA shall publish details of the complaints procedure on its website and in printed form available on request on payment of such reasonable fee (if any) as the NTA decides.

(5) Matters relating to the complaints procedure may be contained in a code of practice.