Companies Act 2014


Court may require director to give certain information

862. (1) This section applies if—

(a) a director of a company is charged with an offence or civil proceedings are instituted against such a director, and

(b) the charge or proceedings relate to the company or involve alleged fraud or dishonesty by the director.

(2) In any case to which this section applies, the court before which the proceedings consequent on that charge or those civil proceedings are pending may, of its own motion or at the request of any party to the proceedings and if it considers that it is appropriate to do so, require the director to lodge with the office of the court a written notice—

(a) giving the names of all companies of which he or she is a director at the date of the notice,

(b) giving the names of all companies of which he or she was a director in the period—

(i) within a period commencing not earlier than 12 months before the director was charged or the proceedings were commenced against him or her, and

(ii) ending at the date of the notice,

(c) stating whether he or she is at the date of the notice or ever was subject to a disqualification order, and

(d) giving the dates and duration of each period for which he or she was disqualified.

(3) This section applies to shadow directors as it does to directors.