Companies Act 2014


Persons who may apply for disqualification order under section 842

844. (1) The F481[Authority] may make an application under any of section 842(a) to (i).

(2) The Director of Public Prosecutions may make an application under any of section 842(a) to (g).

(3) The Registrar may make an application under section 842(f).

(4) An application under any of section 842(a) to (d) may be made by any member, contributory, officer, employee, receiver, liquidator, examiner or creditor of any company in relation to which the person who is the subject of the application—

(a) has been or is acting or is proposing to or is being proposed to act as officer, statutory auditor, receiver, liquidator or examiner, or

(b) has been or is concerned or taking part in, or is proposing to be concerned or take part in, the promotion, formation or management.

F482[(4A) An application under section 842(j) may be made by the competent authority (within the meaning of the Competition Act 2002).]

(5) The court may require a person who makes an application under section 842 to provide security for some or all of the costs of the application.




Substituted (6.07.2022) by Companies (Corporate Enforcement Authority) Act 2021 (48/2021), s. 12(1) and sch. 2 ref. no. 216, S.I. No. 335 of 2022.


Inserted (9.06.2017) by Companies (Accounting) Act 2017 (9/2017), s. 95, S.I. No. 246 of 2017, art. 3, subject to transitional provision in art. 4.