Companies Act 2014


Power to vary amounts specified in section 819(3)

835. (1) Subject to subsection (4), the Minister may from time to time, by order, increase any amount specified in section 819(3).

(2) An increase by order made under subsection (1) shall not operate to effect any increase in relation to a declaration under section 819(1) made before the commencement of the order.

(3) The requirements set out in section 819(3) that shall apply in respect of a restricted person by virtue of such a declaration made before that commencement shall be those that applied at the time of the making of the order.

(4) An order under subsection (1) may only be made, at a particular time (the “relevant time”), if it appears to the Minister the changes in the value of money generally in the State that have occurred during the period beginning—

(a) on this Act’s passing, or

(b) if the powers under that subsection have previously been exercised, immediately after their last previous exercise,

and ending at the relevant time, warrant the exercise of powers under that subsection so as to secure the continued effectiveness of section 819 as regards the amounts specified for the time being in subsection (3) of it.