Companies Act 2014


Supplemental provisions in relation to calls

78. (1) Any sum which, by the terms of issue of a share, becomes payable on allotment or at any fixed date (whether on account of the nominal value of the share or by way of premium) shall, for the purposes of this Act, be deemed to be a call duly made and payable on the date on which, by the terms of issue, that sum becomes payable.

(2) In case of non payment of such a sum, all the relevant provisions of this Act as to payment of interest and expenses, forfeiture or otherwise, shall apply as if such sum had become payable by virtue of a call duly made and notified.

(3) The directors of a company may, on the issue of shares, differentiate between the holders of different classes as to the amount of calls to be paid and the times of payment.

(4) The directors of a company may, if they think fit—

(a) receive from any member willing to advance such moneys, all or any part of the moneys uncalled and unpaid upon any shares held by him or her; and

(b) pay, upon all or any of the money so advanced (until the amount concerned would, but for such advance, become payable) interest at such rate (not exceeding, unless the company in a general meeting otherwise directs, the appropriate rate) as may be agreed upon between the directors and the member paying such moneys in advance.