Companies Act 2014


Public notice of intention to strike company off register

730. (1) If the Registrar has given a notice under section 727 and the remedial step has not been taken on or before the date specified in that notice for the purposes of section 728(1)(f), the Registrar may, by publishing a notice in the CRO Gazette that complies with subsection (2), give public notice of the Registrar’s intention to strike the company off the register.

(2) The notice shall—

(a) specify the ground for striking the company off the register;

(b) specify the remedial step;

(c) specify the date on or before which the remedial step must be taken; and

(d) state that, unless that remedial step is taken on or before the date so specified, the Registrar may strike the company off the register and, if the Registrar does so, the company will be dissolved.

(3) The date to be specified for the purposes of subsection (2)(c) shall be a date falling not less than 28 days after the date of publication of the notice.