Companies Act 2014


Publication in relation to insolvency proceedings

711. (1) In this section “publication” means publication of—

(a) notice of the judgment opening the insolvency proceedings concerned;

(b) where appropriate, the decision appointing the liquidator in those proceedings;

(c) the name and business address of the liquidator; and

(d) the provision (either paragraph 1 or paragraph 2) of Article 3 of the Insolvency Regulation giving jurisdiction to open the proceedings;

in Iris Oifigiúil and once at least in 2 daily morning newspapers circulating in the State.

(2) Without prejudice to section 1050(1), publication shall be effected by the liquidator concerned.

(3) Where the company in relation to which the insolvency proceedings are opened, has an establishment (within the meaning of Article 2(h) of the Insolvency Regulation) in the State, the liquidator or any authority mentioned in Article 21(2) of the Insolvency Regulation shall ensure that publication takes place as soon as practicable after the opening of the insolvency proceedings.