Companies Act 2014


Content of examiner’s report

536. An examiner’s report under section 534 shall include:

(a) the proposals placed before the required meetings;

(b) any modification of those proposals adopted at any of those meetings;

(c) the outcome of each of the required meetings;

(d) the recommendation of the committee of creditors, if any;

(e) a statement of the assets and liabilities (including contingent and prospective liabilities) of the company as at the date of his or her report;

(f) a list of the creditors of the company, the amount owing to each such creditor, the nature and value of any security held by any such creditor, and the priority accorded under sections 621 and 622 to any such creditor or any other statutory provision or rule of law;

(g) a list of the officers of the company;

(h) the examiner’s recommendations;

(i) such other matters as the examiner deems appropriate or the court directs.