Companies Act 2014


Enforcement of orders and judgments against companies and their officers

53. (1) Any judgment or order against a company wilfully disobeyed may, by leave of the court, be enforced by—

(a) sequestration against the property of the company,

(b) attachment against the directors or other officers of the company, or

(c) sequestration against the property of such directors or other officers.

(2) An application may not be made, in the foregoing circumstances, for attachment against directors or other officers or for sequestration against their property unless the judgment or order of the court to which the application relates has contained a statement indicating the liability of such persons or of their property to attachment or sequestration, as the case may be, should the judgment or order be disobeyed by the company.

(3) In this section “attachment” and “sequestration” have the same meaning as they have in rules of court concerning the jurisdiction of the High Court and the Supreme Court.