Companies Act 2014


Revocation of the authorisation of an electronic filing agent

36. (1) A company may revoke an authorisation by it under section 35 of an electronic filing agent.

(2) Such a revocation by a company shall be notified by it, in the prescribed form, to the Registrar.

(3) Unless and until the revocation is so notified to the Registrar, the authorisation concerned shall be deemed to subsist and, accordingly, to be still in force for the purposes of section 35(4).

(4) If a revocation, in accordance with this section, of an authorisation under section 35 constitutes a breach of contract or otherwise gives rise to a liability being incurred—

(a) the fact that it constitutes such a breach or otherwise gives rise to a liability being incurred does not affect the validity of the revocation for the purposes of section 35; and

(b) the fact of the revocation being so valid does not remove or otherwise affect any cause of action in respect of that breach or the incurring of that liability.