Companies Act 2014


Statutory financial statements to give true and fair view

289. (1) The directors of a company shall not approve financial statements for the purposes of this Part unless they are satisfied that they give a true and fair view of the assets, liabilities and financial position, as at the end of the financial year, and profit or loss, for the financial year—

(a) in the case of the company’s entity financial statements, of the company alone (as distinct from the company and its subsidiary undertakings, if any, taken as a whole),

(b) in the case of the company’s group financial statements, of the company and all the subsidiary undertakings included in the consolidation taken as a whole, so far as concerns the members of the company.

(2) The statutory auditors of a company, in performing their functions under this Act in relation to the company’s statutory financial statements, shall have regard to the directors’ duty under subsection (1).