Companies Act 2014


Interpretation generally (Chapter 5)

256. (1) In this Chapter—

(a) “body corporate of the same group” means, in relation to a company, a body corporate which belongs to the same group of companies as that company belongs to;

(b) “child” does not include a person who has attained the age of majority; and

(c) a reference to a child of a director or secretary shall be deemed to include a reference to a child of the director’s civil partner or (as the case may be) the secretary’s civil partner who is ordinarily resident with (as the case may be)—

(i) the director and the civil partner, or

(ii) the secretary and the civil partner.

(2) For the avoidance of doubt, the use of the words “aggregate interest” in any provision of this Chapter, with reference to the interest of a director or secretary and the spouse (or civil partner) and children of the director or secretary in shares or debentures, does not operate to limit the provision’s effect (and, accordingly, does not prevent the director or secretary having the benefit of the provision) in either the situation where—

(a) the director or secretary alone has an interest in shares or debentures reckonable for the purposes of the provision, or

(b) one or more, but not all, of any foregoing class of persons has or have alone such a reckonable interest.