Companies Act 2014


Additional statement to be furnished in certain circumstances

23. (1) If any person named in the statement to be delivered under section 21(1)(a) as a director of the company concerned is a person who is disqualified under the law of another state (whether pursuant to an order of a judge or a tribunal or otherwise) from being appointed or acting as a director or secretary of a body corporate or an undertaking, that person has the following obligation.

(2) That obligation is to ensure that the foregoing statement is accompanied by (but as a separate document from that statement) a statement in the prescribed form signed by him or her, or authenticated in the manner referred to in section 888 , specifying—

(a) the jurisdiction in which he or she is so disqualified;

(b) the date on which he or she became so disqualified; and

(c) the period for which he or she is so disqualified.