Companies Act 2014

F673 [ Savings for disciplinary proceedings in being - 2010 Audits Regulations


1582. (1) Nothing in the Companies (Statutory Audits) Act 2018 (and, in particular, provisions amending this Act) affect disciplinary proceedings in being before 17 June 2016 by a recognised accountancy body against any of its members and, accordingly, those proceedings may be continued on and after that date by that body against the member or members concerned.

(2) If, as a result of proceedings referred to in subsection (1) in relation to a person referred to in that subsection, the person s membership of the recognised accountancy body is terminated by the body or the body s approval (howsoever expressed) of the person to act as an auditor is withdrawn, then any deemed approval of the person as a statutory auditor or audit firm by virtue of section 1471 ceases to have effect. ]




Inserted (21.09.2018) by Companies (Statutory Audits) Act 2018 (22/2018), s. 51, S.I. No. 366 of 2018.