Companies Act 2014

F989[Counterpart authority to be notified of non-compliance with Audit Directive and Regulation (EU) No 537/2014


1562. Where the Supervisory Authority or a recognised accountancy body forms, on reasonable grounds, the opinion that activities contrary to the provisions of the Audit Directive or of Regulation (EU) No 537/2014 are being, or have been, carried out on the territory of another Member State, it shall, as soon as possible

(a) notify the counterpart authority in the other Member State of that opinion, and

(b) include in that notification specific details of the matter and the grounds for its opinion.]




Inserted (21.09.2018) by Companies (Statutory Audits) Act 2018 (22/2018), s. 51, S.I. No. 366 of 2018.