Companies Act 2014


What this Chapter does and references to relevant Chapter 2 requirements

1289. (1) This Chapter—

(a) makes provision in the following cases, namely—

(i) a case in which an application is not made under section 1287; and

(ii) a case in which an application is made under that section;

and, in the latter case, the provision made by this Chapter is by reference to the particular course that the application takes; and

(b) specifies requirements, additional to those in Chapter 2, that must be complied with in certain cases before a re-registration may be effected.

(2) In this Chapter a reference to the relevant Chapter 2 requirements is a reference to—

(a) subject to paragraph (b), the requirements of section 1285,

(b) in the case of a company that does not have a share capital and that proposes to re-register as a company that does have share capital, the requirements of sections 1285 and 1286.