Companies Act 2014


Voting by director in respect of certain matters: prohibition and exceptions thereto

1113. Save to the extent that the PLC’s constitution provides otherwise, a director of a PLC shall not vote in respect of any contract or arrangement in which the director is interested, and if the director does so vote, the director’s vote shall not be counted, nor shall he or she be counted in the quorum present at the meeting, but neither of those prohibitions shall apply to:

(a) any arrangement for giving any director any security or indemnity in respect of money lent by the director to or obligations undertaken by the director for the benefit of the PLC; or

(b) any arrangement for the giving by the PLC of any security to a third party in respect of a debt or obligation of the PLC for which the director himself or herself has assumed responsibility in whole or in part under a guarantee or indemnity or by the deposit of security; or

(c) any contract by the director to subscribe for or underwrite shares or debentures of the PLC; or

(d) any contract or arrangement with any other company in which the director is interested only as an officer of such other company or as a holder of shares or other securities in such other company,

and the operation of those prohibitions may at any time be suspended or limited to any extent and either generally or in respect of any particular contract, arrangement or transaction by the PLC in general meeting.