Companies Act 2014


Traded PLC may permit vote to be cast in advance by correspondence

1109. (1) A traded PLC may permit, by appropriate arrangements, a vote to be exercised for the purpose of a poll (that is to be taken at a general meeting) by means of the vote being cast in advance by correspondence.

(2) Any such arrangements may be made subject only to such requirements and restrictions as are—

(a) necessary to ensure the identification of the person voting, and

(b) proportionate to the achievement of that objective.

(3) A traded PLC shall not be required to count votes cast in advance by correspondence pursuant to subsection (1) unless such votes are received before the date and time specified by the PLC; however, for that purpose, the PLC may not specify a date and time that is more than 24 hours before the time at which the vote is to be concluded.