Companies Act 2014


Requirements for participation and voting in general meeting

1105. (1) In this section—

“record date” means a date not more than 48 hours before the general meeting to which it relates;

“register of securities” has the same meaning as subsection (3) of section 1095 provides it is to have in that section.

(2) A person shall be entered on the relevant register of securities by the record date in order to exercise the right of a member to participate and vote at a general meeting and any change to an entry on the relevant register of securities after the record date shall be disregarded in determining the right of any person to attend and vote at the meeting.

(3) The right of a member to participate in a general meeting and to vote in respect of his or her shares shall not be subject to any requirement that the shares be deposited with, or transferred to, or registered in the name of another person before the general meeting.

(4) Unless that right is otherwise subject to such a restriction, a member shall have the right to sell or otherwise transfer shares in the traded PLC at any time between the record date and the general meeting to which it applies.

(5) In relation to the subjecting by a traded PLC of a person to proof of the person’s qualification as a member, that person may be made subject only to such requirements—

(a) as are necessary to ensure the identification of the person as a member, and

(b) then only to the extent that such requirements are proportionate to the achievement of that objective.