Companies Act 2014


Provisions consequent on participation by PLC in system for uncertificated transfer of securities

1094. (1) Sections 1095 and 1096 have effect where a PLC is a participating issuer.

(2) Sections 1095 and 1096 are without prejudice to sections 1099 to 1110.

(3) In this section and sections 1095 and 1096 “participating issuer” has the meaning given to it by—

(a) the Companies Act 1990 (Uncertificated Securities) Regulations 1996 (S.I. No. 68 of 1996) which regulations are continued in force by Schedule 6; or

(b) if regulations under section 1086 are made and those regulations—

(i) replace the regulations referred to in paragraph (a) — those replacement regulations; or

(ii) amend the regulations referred to in paragraph (a) — the latter regulations as they stand so amended.