Companies Act 2014


Individual and group acquisitions register

1061. (1) A PLC shall keep a register (the “individual and group acquisitions register”) for the purposes of sections 1048 to 1053.

(2) Whenever the PLC receives information from a person in consequence of the fulfilment of a duty to which he or she is, by virtue of any of those sections, subject, the PLC shall enter in the individual and group acquisitions register, against that person’s name, that information and the date of the entry.

(3) Without prejudice to subsection (2), where a PLC receives a notification under any of sections 1048 to 1053 which includes a statement that the person making the notification, or any other person, has ceased to be a party to a share acquisition agreement, the PLC shall record that information against the name of that person in every place where the person’s name appears in the individual and group acquisitions register as a party to that agreement (including any entry relating to that person made against another person’s name).

(4) An obligation imposed by subsection (2) or (3) on a PLC shall be fulfilled within the period of 3 days after the day on which it arises.

(5) The nature and extent of an interest recorded in the individual and group acquisitions register of a person in any shares shall, if he or she so requires, be recorded in that register.

(6) A PLC shall not, by virtue of anything done for the purposes of this section, be affected with notice of, or put upon enquiry as to, the rights of any person in relation to any shares.

(7) The individual and group acquisitions register shall be so made up that the entries in it against the several names inscribed in it appear in chronological order.

(8) Unless the forgoing register is in such form as to constitute in itself an index, the PLC shall keep an index of the names entered in it which shall, in respect of each name, contain a sufficient indication to enable the information inscribed against it to be readily found; and the PLC shall, within 10 days after the date on which a name is entered in the register, make any necessary alteration in the index.

(9) If the PLC ceases to be a PLC it shall continue to keep the individual and group acquisitions register and any associated index until the end of the period of 6 years beginning after the date on which it ceases to be a PLC.

(10) If default is made by a PLC (or, in the case of subsection (9) by the company that it has re-registered as) in complying with any of the provisions of this section, the PLC (or the other company, as the case may be) and any officer of it who is in default shall be guilty of a category 3 offence.