Companies Act 2014


Official seal for sealing securities

1017. (1) A PLC may have for use, for sealing—

(a) securities issued by the company, and

(b) documents creating or evidencing securities so issued,

an official seal which is a facsimile of the common seal of the company with the addition on its face of the word “Securities” or the word “Urrúis”.

(2) Where a company was incorporated before 3 April 1978 and which has such an official seal as is mentioned in subsection (1), the following provisions apply:

(a) the company may use the seal for sealing such securities and documents as are mentioned in that subsection notwithstanding anything in any instrument constituting or regulating the company or in any instrument made before 3 April 1978 which relates to any securities issued by the company; and

(b) any provision of an instrument referred to in paragraph (a) which requires any such securities or documents to be signed shall not apply to the securities or documents if they are sealed with that seal.

(3) Where a company has such an official seal as is mentioned in subsection (1) then section 99(1) shall apply to the company as if after “common seal of the company” there were inserted “or the seal kept by the company by virtue of section 1017”.