Companies Act 2014


Capacity of a PLC

1011. (1) A PLC shall have the capacity to do any act or thing stated in the objects set out in its memorandum.

(2) For the purposes of subsection (1)—

(a) the reference in it to an object includes a reference to anything stated in the memorandum to be a power to do any act or thing (whether the word “power” is used or not),

(b) if an object is stated in the PLC’s memorandum without the following also being stated in relation to it, the capacity of the PLC extends to doing any act or thing that appears to it to be requisite, advantageous or incidental to, or to facilitate, the attainment of that object and that is not inconsistent with any enactment,

and a subsequent reference in this Part to an object of a PLC shall be read accordingly.