European Stability Mechanism (Amendment) Act 2014


Amendment of definition of “Treaty” in Principal Act

2. (1) Section 1 of the Principal Act is amended by substituting the following for the definition of “Treaty” —

“ ‘Treaty’ means the Treaty establishing the European Stability Mechanism done at Brussels on 2 February 2012 between the Euro Area Member States of the European Union as adapted in consequence of the accession of the Republic of Latvia to it on 13 March 2014, the text of which (including the Annexes and in both of the official languages), is set out, as provided by section 2(2) of the European Stability Mechanism (Amendment) Act 2014, in the Schedule to that Act;”.

(2) The text (including the Annexes) of the Treaty, that is to say the Treaty referred to in section 1, as it stands amended by subsection (1), of the Principal Act, is set out in—

(a) Part 1 of the Schedule in the Irish language, and

(b) Part 2 of the Schedule in the English language.

(3) The Schedule to the Principal Act is repealed.