Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2014


Amendment of section 20 of Act of 2002

57. Section 20 of the Act of 2002 is amended—

(a) in subsection (2), by inserting “and an officer (where the undertaking is a body corporate), partner (where the undertaking is a partnership) or any individual in control (in the case of any other form of undertaking) shall certify in writing that to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, the undertaking has complied with a requirement under this section” after “with it”, and

(b) by inserting the following subsections after subsection (2):

“(2A) If, before the expiration of the period specified in a notice under subsection (2), the undertaking or undertakings concerned request, in writing, an extension to the specified period, the Commission may, where it considers it appropriate to do so, extend that period, and an undertaking to which such an extension is granted shall comply with the requirement under subsection (2) within the specified period as so extended.

(2B) The Commission, pursuant to a request from the undertaking or undertakings concerned, and where it considers it appropriate to do so, may further extend the period as extended under subsection (2A) or this subsection.”