Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Act 2014



35. (1) The Commission, either of its own volition or if requested by the Minister, may conduct an inquiry if it is considered by the Commission that—

(a) there is, in any body (whether public or otherwise) institution, sector of society, or geographical area, evidence of—

(i) a serious violation of human rights or equality of treatment obligations in respect of a person or a class of persons, or

(ii) a systemic failure to comply with human rights or equality of treatment obligations,


(b) the matter is of grave public concern, and

(c) it is in the circumstances necessary and appropriate so to do.

(2) An inquiry may be undertaken by one or more than one member of the Commission.

(3) Before conducting an inquiry under this section, the Commission shall, as soon as may be, prepare terms of reference for the inquiry and an outline of the procedures to be followed for the inquiry.

(4) The Commission shall arrange for a copy of the terms of reference and outline of procedures referred to in subsection (3) to be laid before each House of the Oireachtas.

(5) As soon as may be after the terms and outline of the procedures concerned are laid in accordance with subsection (4) the Commission shall arrange for a notice of those terms and that outline to be published—

(a) in at least one newspaper circulating in the State, and

(b) in such other manner as the Commission considers appropriate.

(6) In conducting an inquiry the Commission shall to the greatest possible extent consistent with its duties under this Act—

(a) seek the voluntary co-operation of persons whose evidence is desired for the purposes of the inquiry, and

(b) facilitate such co-operation.

(7) The Commission shall conduct its inquiry as expeditiously as is consistent with its duties under this Act.

(8) The provisions of Schedule 2 shall have effect in relation to inquiries undertaken by the Commission.