Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014

Number 21 of 2014



Updated to 11 July 2022

This Revised Act is an administrative consolidation of the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014. It is prepared by the Law Reform Commission in accordance with its function under the Law Reform Commission Act 1975 (3/1975) to keep the law under review and to undertake revision and consolidation of statute law.

All Acts up to and including the Institutional Burials Act 2022 (18/2022), enacted 13 July 2022, and all statutory instruments up to and including the Housing Assistance Payment (Amendment) Regulations 2022 (S.I. No. 342 of 2022), made 6 July 2022, were considered in the preparation of this Revised Act.

Disclaimer: While every care has been taken in the preparation of this Revised Act, the Law Reform Commission can assume no responsibility for and give no guarantees, undertakings or warranties concerning the accuracy, completeness or up to date nature of the information provided and does not accept any liability whatsoever arising from any errors or omissions. Please notify any errors, omissions and comments by email to


Number 21 of 2014



Updated to 11 July 2022



Preliminary and General


1. Short title, collective citation and construction

2. Commencement

3. Definitions (generally)

4. Regulations

5. Expenses of Minister


Termination of Local Authority Tenancies, etc.

6. Interpretation (Part 2)

7. Tenancy warning relating to anti-social behaviour, etc.

8. Tenancy warning relating to rent arrears

9. Tenancy warning relating to other tenancy breach

10. Review of tenancy warning

11. Day that tenancy warning comes into effect

12. Proceedings for possession of local authority dwelling

13. Proceedings for possession against person in occupation of local authority dwelling

14. Abandoned local authority dwellings

15. Repossession of abandoned dwellings

16. Application to court in respect of tenancy terminated under section 15

17. Death of tenant and recovery of possession in certain cases

18. Part 2 and amendment of Principal Act

19. Part 2 and amendment of Act of 1997

20. Part 2 and amendment of Act of 2009


Purchase of Houses by Tenants

21. Interpretation (Part 3)

22. Extent of application of Part 3 to certain houses

23. Disqualifications from purchase

24. Calculation of tenant’s income

25. Sale of house to tenant

26. Charging order

27. Suspension of incremental release

28. Payment during charged period in respect of charged share or incremental release

29. Control on resale of house

30. Regulations (Part 3)

31. Part 3 and amendment of Principal Act

32. Part 3 and amendment of Act of 1992

33. Part 3 and amendment of Act of 1997

34. Part 3 and amendment of Act of 2009


Housing Assistance

35. Interpretation (Part 4)

36. Restriction on application of Residential Tenancies Act 2004

37. Housing assistance under Part 4 and social housing support under Act of 2009

38. Sharing of dwelling by more than one household

39. Housing assistance

40. Housing authority not liable for rent due to landlord

41. Requirements in relation to dwelling

42. Requirements in relation to landlord

43. Housing assistance payments

44. Payment of rent contribution by qualified household

45. Ineligibility for housing assistance, etc.

46. Change of dwelling

47. Housing assistance in respect of accommodation provided under scheme of capital assistance

48. Review of certain decisions

49. Part 4 and amendment of Act of 2009

50. Application of Part 4 to housing authorities

51. Expenses incurred by housing authority under Part 4



52. Definition (Part 5)

53. Deduction of local authority rent, etc., by Minister for Social Protection

54. Amendments to Act of 2005

55. Data sharing and exchange

56. Amendment of section 31 (rent schemes and charges) of Act of 2009

57. Amendment of Local Government Reform Act 2014

58. Amendment of Housing Finance Agency Act 1981

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Number 21 of 2014



Updated to 11 July 2022

An Act to make further provision in relation to housing provided by housing authorities and for that purpose to amend and extend the Housing Acts 1966 to 2014, to provide for financial assistance by housing authorities in respect of rent payable by certain housing tenants, to provide for the direct remission to a housing authority in respect of rent or rent-related obligations of certain social welfare payments and allowances payable to a person under the Social Welfare Acts and for that purpose to amend the law relating to such payments, to amend the Housing Finance Agency Act 1981, and to provide for connected matters. [28 th July, 2014]

Be it enacted by the Oireachtas as follows: