Criminal Justice (Forensic Evidence and DNA Database System) Act 2014


Delegation of functions of Director of FSI under this Act

154. (1) The Director of FSI may, in writing, delegate any of his or her functions under this Act to members of the staff of FSI specified by grade, name or otherwise.

(2) A delegation under this section may—

(a) relate to the performance of a function either generally or in a particular case or class of case or in respect of a particular matter,

(b) be made subject to conditions or restrictions, and

(c) be revoked or varied by the Director of FSI at any time.

(3) The delegation of a function under this section does not preclude the Director of FSI from performing the function.

(4) Where the functions of the Director of FSI under a provision of this Act are delegated to a member of the staff of FSI, any references in that provision to the Director of FSI shall be construed as references to that member of staff.

(5) An act or thing done by a member of the staff of FSI pursuant to a delegation under this section has the same force and effect as if done by the Director of FSI.