Local Government Reform Act 2014


Convening of forum and report to Minister

65. (1) There shall be convened by the Lord Mayor of the City of Dublin, in such manner as the Minister requests, a forum representative of the members of the local authorities within the Dublin metropolitan area to consider the possible options for the future local governance arrangements for that area including the establishment of an office of a directly elected mayor for that area and shall, in particular, consider the following matters—

(a) the establishment of such an office,

(b) the rationale for, and implications of, such an office,

(c) details relating to such office and its relationship with each Dublin local authority or with those authorities and any other public authority which the forum considers would be representative of, or having functions relevant to, the Dublin metropolitan area, and

(d) such changes as would be needed in local governance arrangements for the Dublin metropolitan area consequential on the establishment of such an office, including matters to which paragraph (c) of section 66(1) would relate if a resolution under that paragraph were proposed,

and the Lord Mayor of the City of Dublin shall report to the Minister in writing on the forum’s deliberations and conclusions within such time limit as the Minister directs, which report shall include a draft resolution for the purposes of section 66(1).

(2) Consequent on receipt of the report referred to in subsection (1), the Minister may consult with each Dublin local authority on that report either jointly, separately or both and with any other person that the Minister considers it appropriate to consult.