Child and Family Agency Act 2013


Supplemental service

59. (1) The Agency may, subject to any directions given by the Minister F48[or the Minister for Education] in accordance with section 47, and on such terms and conditions as it considers appropriate, give assistance to a person that provides or proposes to provide, otherwise than for profit, a service supplemental to services provided by the Agency.

(2) Assistance under this section may be provided by—

(a) a grant, or

(b) a contribution in kind, whether by way of materials or labour or any other service.

(3) Assistance may be provided to a person under this section whether or not the person is also a service provider who has entered into an arrangement under section 56.

(4) The Agency may make such arrangements, including the imposition of requirements on a person, as it considers appropriate to monitor—

(a) the use of grant aid, and

(b) where the person provides services directly to a child or family, the provision of those services.

(5) The Agency may request a person to provide it with any information that it considers material to accountability in respect of the funds provided.

(6) A person shall within a reasonable period of time comply with any requirement imposed by the Agency under subsection (4) or any request made by the Agency under subsection (5).

(7) Where a person fails to comply with a requirement under subsection (4) or a request under subsection (5), the Agency may not give further assistance to that person under subsection (1).

(8) In this section “service supplemental to services provided by the Agency” means—

(a) the provision of a community development resource to promote child and family support services, or

(b) activities which are ancillary to child and family support services provided by the Agency or by a service provider on its behalf.




Inserted (15.12.2021) by Child and Family Agency (Amendment) Act 2021 (34/2021), s. 26, S.I. No. 697 of 2021.