Taxi Regulation Act 2013


Register of exemptions

61. (1) The Authority shall establish and maintain a register of exemptions (in this section referred to as the “register”) under this Part.

(2) The register may be maintained in a form that is not legible if it is capable of being converted into legible form.

(3) The register shall contain the following information in relation to each exemption:

(a) if the exemption is granted to a particular person, the name and address of the holder of the exemption (including any change of address);

(b) the details of the exemption;

(c) the details of any withdrawal or suspension of the exemption.

(4) Information contained in the register shall, subject to a determination by the Authority in consultation with the Garda Commissioner that certain information relating to a person referred to in the register should remain confidential, be available for inspection at all reasonable times, upon payment of such fee, if any, as the Authority decides.