Taxi Regulation Act 2013


Payment of fixed amount on service of summons

49. (1) A person who is served with a summons in respect of an offence referred to in section 48(1) may pay an amount as stated in a notice which may be served with the summons on the person in respect of the alleged offence and in the manner as specified in the notice not later than 7 days before the date specified in the summons on which the charge is to be heard by the court. If the person pays the amount stated in the manner as specified in the notice within that period proceedings in respect of the alleged offence will be discontinued and the person need not attend the court on the day specified in the summons.

(2) A notice served under subsection (1) may be served by the Authority.

(3) The amount stated in a notice served with a summons on a person under subsection (1) shall be an amount 100 per cent greater than the prescribed amount stated in the fixed payment notice served on the person, in accordance with section 48, in respect of the alleged offence.

(4) A payment under subsection (1)

(a) may be received only within the period referred to in subsection (1) and in accordance with the payment notice, and

(b) is not recoverable by the person paying it.

(5) The person receiving a payment under subsection (1) may issue a receipt for it.

(6) Any sums received under subsection (1) shall be paid into or disposed of for the benefit of the Exchequer in such manner as the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform directs.

(7) F45[]

(8) In this section “summons” means a summons issued under—

(a) section 10 of the Petty Sessions (Ireland) Act 1851, or

(b) the Courts (No. 3) Act 1986.




Deleted (8.02.2016) by Public Transport Act 2016 (3/2016), s. 2(y), commenced on enactment.