Taxi Regulation Act 2013


Period of endorsement of demerits

36. Demerits endorsed on the entry in the SPSV licence record of a person shall, subject to section 38(2), remain on the entry for a period of 3 years beginning on the appropriate date, and the Authority—

F39[(a) shall cause the demerits to be removed from the entry at the end of that period, and]

(b) shall cause a notice to be given or sent, by post or otherwise as it decides, to the person to whom the entry relates—

F40[(i) of the ending of the period and its date, and]

(ii) of the removal and particulars of the demerits the subject of the removal.




Substituted (8.02.2016) by Public Transport Act 2016 (3/2016), s. 2(v)(i), commenced on enactment.


Substituted (8.02.2016) by Public Transport Act 2016 (3/2016), s. 2(v)(ii), commenced on enactment.