Education and Training Boards Act 2013


Report on operation of education and training board.

40.— (1) Where the Minister is of the opinion that any of the functions of an education and training board are not being effectively discharged, the Minister may, having considered any representations made to him or her under subsection (3), appoint a person (in this section referred to as an “investigator”) to carry out an investigation into the performance by the board of its functions either generally or with reference to any particular function during such period as the Minister may determine.

(2) The Minister shall, by notice in writing, inform the education and training board concerned where he or she proposes to appoint an investigator under subsection (1).

(3) A notice under subsection (2) shall state that the education and training board may make representations to the Minister in relation to the proposed appointment not later than 14 days after the service of the notice on the board.

(4) An investigator shall be entitled at all reasonable times to enter any premises occupied by the education and training board concerned and shall be afforded every facility and cooperation by the board, chief executive and members of staff of the board, including access to all records, to perform his or her functions.

(5) An investigator shall on completion of his or her investigation prepare a draft report on the investigation.

(6) An investigator shall provide a copy of the draft report prepared under subsection (5) to the education and training board concerned and that board may, within one month from the provision of the report to it, make representations in writing to that investigator about that report.

(7) After consideration of any representations made to the investigator under subsection (6), that investigator may make any amendments to the draft report that he or she thinks appropriate.

(8) The investigator shall submit his or her final report to the Minister as soon as practicable after the report is completed.

(9) A chief executive and an education and training board shall supply such information regarding the performance of the board’s functions as—

( a) the Minister may from time to time require, and

( b) an investigator requires for the performance of his or her functions under this section.