European Arrest Warrant (Application to Third Countries and Amendment) and Extradition (Amendment) Act 2012


Insertion of section 28 in Act of 1965.

30.— The Act of 1965 is amended by inserting the following after section 27:

“Power of adjournment and remand.

28.— (1) The High Court may, if it considers it appropriate to do so in the interests of justice, adjourn any proceedings under this Act either on application or of its own motion, and may remand the person concerned in custody or on bail for the period of the adjournment or such other period as it considers appropriate.

(2) The High Court shall have and may exercise the same powers of remand in relation to any person appearing before it under this Act as it would have if the person were a person brought before it and charged with an indictable offence, including the power to remand the person pending determination of an appeal to the Supreme Court against a decision of the High Court.”.