Central Bank and Credit Institutions (Resolution) Act 2011


Submissions to Assessor.

39.— (1) The following persons and no others may make submissions to the Assessor in respect of compensation in relation to a transferor:

( a) the Bank;

( b) the creditor concerned;

( c) the liquidator of the transferor;

( d) the Minister;

( e) the National Treasury Management Agency.

(2) A submission to the Assessor under subsection (1) shall be made in accordance with procedures determined by the Assessor under subsection (3).

(3) Subject to any regulations made by the Minister under section 109, the Assessor shall determine, in his or her sole discretion, procedures for—

( a) the form and type of applications for compensation under section 38 ,

( b) the form and type of submissions to be made to the Assessor,

( c) the means by which confidential information should be protected from public disclosure, and

( d) the performance of any of the Assessor’s functions.