Value-Added Tax Consolidation Act 2010


F196[Restriction of flat-rate addition

86A.(1) Where, following a review carried out by the Revenue Commissioners in relation to a particular agricultural sector and having regard, in particular, to the business structures or models employed and the nature of the relationships and contractual arrangements in place between parties in the sector, the Minister is satisfied that the application of the flat-rate addition in accordance with section 86 in respect of supplies of agricultural produce or agricultural services within that sector has resulted in, and if that application were retained would continue to contribute to, a systematic excess of the amount of flat-rate addition payments over the amount of non-recoverable tax on input costs borne by flat-rate farmers within that sector, the Minister may by order provide that the flat-rate addition shall not apply to supplies of a kind to be specified in the order.

(2) In subsection (1), "non-recoverable tax on input costs" means tax which would be deductible in accordance with section 59 if the flat-rate farmers in the particular agricultural sector were registered for value-added tax, less tax which is recoverable by flat-rate farmers in that sector in accordance with a refund order made under section 103.

(3) An order made under this section shall be laid before Dáil Éireann as soon as may be after it is made and, if a resolution annulling the order is passed by Dáil Éireann within the next 21 days on which Dáil Éireann has sat after the order is laid before it, the order shall be annulled accordingly, but without prejudice to the validity of anything previously done thereunder.]




Inserted (1.01.2017) by Finance Act 2016 (18/2016), s. 47(1)(c), commenced as per subs. (2).