Adoption Act 2010


Exceptional case involving specific child.

81.— (1) The Authority may enter into an arrangement with a non-contracting state that is not a party to a bilateral agreement if—

(a) the arrangement relates to the adoption of a specific child by prospective adopters habitually resident either in the State or in the non-contracting state,

(b) a declaration of eligibility and suitability in the State, or an equivalent instrument in the non-contracting state, has been issued for the prospective adopters,

(c) the prospective adopters are relatives of the child, and

(d) the Authority is satisfied that the standards that are being or will be applied to the adoption accord with those of the Hague Convention.

(2) An arrangement made under subsection (1) may not be used by the Authority for the purpose of—

(a) an adoption under an adoption order, or

(b) the recognition of an intercountry adoption effected outside the State,

other than the adoption or the recognition of the adoption of the specific child to whom the arrangement relates.