Adoption Act 2010


Explanation to mother or guardian as to effect of adoption.

14.— Where the mother or guardian of a child proposes to place the child with an accredited body for adoption, the accredited body, before accepting the child, shall—

(a) furnish the mother or guardian with a statement in writing explaining—

(i) that a placement for adoption is the beginning of the adoption process,

(ii) the effect of a placement for adoption upon the rights of a mother or guardian,

(iii) the effect of an adoption order upon the rights of a mother or guardian, and

(iv) the requirements specified in sections 26 to 28 in respect of the consents necessary under this Act in relation to an adoption order,

(b) ensure that the mother or guardian understands the statement and signs a document to that effect, and

(c) provide information, advice and counselling to the mother or guardian concerned.