Adoption Act 2010


Submission of business plan.

110.— (1) The Minister may, at any time before the beginning of a financial year, request the Authority to submit to the Minister a business plan for that financial year, and the Authority shall comply with such a request.

(2) A business plan shall—

(a) be prepared in the form and manner and in accordance with any directions given by the Minister,

(b) indicate the Authority’s activities for the period to which the business plan relates,

(c) contain estimates of the number of employees of the Authority for the period to which the plan relates,

(d) contain any other information specified by the Minister, and

(e) accord with policies and objectives of the Minister and the Government.

(3) In preparing the business plan, the Authority shall have regard to the corporate plan in operation at that time approved under section 108 and any direction given by the Minister under section 107.

(4) The Authority shall give effect to the business plan unless the Minister, within 30 days of the submission of the plan, directs the Authority in writing to either amend the plan or not to give effect to it.

(5) At the same time as giving a direction to the Authority under subsection (4), the Minister shall give his or her reasons in writing for the direction to the Authority.

(6) The Authority shall comply with a direction under subsection (4).