Inland Fisheries Act 2010


Issue by IFI of licences for fishing of specified class or description.

74.— (1) The Minister may by order provide for the issue by IFI, on payment of such duty (if any) as may be specified in the order, of licences for fishing of a class or description specified in the order.

(2) In case an order under this section provides for the issue of licences for fishing with engines which are not scheduled engines, then for so long as the order is in force the following provisions shall have effect—

(a) any engine which is of a kind described in the order shall for the purposes of section 65 of the Principal Act be regarded as being a scheduled engine, and

(b) any such licence shall for the said purposes be regarded as being an ordinary fishing licence.

(3) In case an order under this section is for the time being in force, the powers conferred by the order on IFI shall be in addition to and not in substitution for the powers conferred on IFI by section 7 (11).

(4) Duties payable as regards licences issued under this section shall be paid to IFI.

(5) In this Act “fishing licence”, when used without qualification, includes a licence issued under an order under this section.